Welcome to Reznod's website.

"Jamming out to the Rippingtons."

Hi, I'm Reznod. I am a video producer, music maker, newb to programming, newb to LoL, and a bit of a web design rookie. I co-produce web videos with other people who work in this group called TFN (formerly TheFusionNation). You can check out their channel page on YouTube by clicking here. I also create some music on the side. Mostly electronic music, but I am starting to spread out to other genres. You can check out my SoundCloud page where you can listen to all my (subjectively) terrible songs. While I don't do web design that often, I tend to be more focused on that kind of stuff as well.


4/13/2015 - I'm taking a break from making music in the meantime. Apparently, my new LEGAL copy of Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13.0 crashes when I use FL Studio 12. So yeah, and I'm getting the hang of making videos. I also built this little weblog right here and that little byline below the title. Still more to come!

And I also love Neocities.